Tuesday, February 22, 2005

The flu swept through my house like an Indonesian tidal wave. Not funny? Well after all four roommates adequately recovered from bedridden stupor to only a horrible hacking cough, the weekend was upon us. Finally I was confident enough to venture out into the chilly natural air. There was a sweet satisfaction that came with getting on the bus again and riding across town. Walking a few blocks and strolling up to the dimly-lit red-brick house around 10 P.M. And if I wasn't feeling healthy enough yet, the 10 perfectly-aged girls standing inside the doorway made me perk up quick. It's a tough life when the other kids who work in the sorority with you throw a party and invite only your co-workers and the 80 girls. You gotta bring your A game because it means you have to entertain about 10 ladies a piece. And the whole, "why don't you massage her back...that's it... now just give her a little kiss" routine will only give you about 45 good minutes of entertainment before they start to get restless. I would recommend a few other games. Spin the bottle is a classic for a reason. There's distance ping-pong ball shooting with no hands allowed. Don't forget the pinching game and of course the old but fantastic strip poker. How we went through 3 kegs I will never know. But plans are being formulated to make this a weekly occurrence.

And there you were waiting for me to wax all philosophic with you. While I was getting drunk with sorority girls. Shows what you know. Sucker.


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