Wednesday, February 02, 2005

The design of is so smart I don't know why more of us aren't using it.
On the left: The bullshit we deal with everyday that doesn't really matter.
On the right: The bullshit we deal with everyday that matters.

On The Left: I was sitting at lunch today in the sorority(you didn't forget that I work in a sorority, did you?) with one of the maybe 4 girls I wouldn't kick out of bed after I'd gotten what I wanted from her. I was making fun of one of the standard Gucci girls and repeating how sorry I felt for that poor boyfriend who thinks he's found someone special. I had half the table laughing with me and all of them were girls. That's when the west coast girl with the Hawaiian name laughed, turned to me and said, "we need to hang out this semester. I only saw you once outside this house before break." And I said ya, but you're so tall I don't think we can do anything standing up. And I raised my bushy left eyebrow just enough for her to get it. She smiled. Then she got up said bye and walked off. And just before she walked out the back door, she peeked over at me just long enough to see me smittenly staring. And I was enjoying my stupid smirking too much to pretend like I wasn't staring.

Don't even know if she wanted to hang out or go out or chill out or fuck out. But then I remembered reading Tony's 5 tips about courting the ladies. And tip #1 was:

if you want to go on a date with a fine young woman, tell her that its a date. say, hey wanna go on a date? odds are she'll say yes. im 111 years old. ive asked a few girls out on dates. Im no puff daddy but rarely will a chickie pass up a chance to do something other than the same old same old on a friday night. so tell her whats up and that way everythings on the table.

So when I saw Hawaii Girl again at dinner, I asked her if she wanted to go out on a date. And she giggled. "I don't think anyone has ever asked me out so officially like that before." And I told her how I had to be official now that I am training to be a Secret Service agent. And right After I thought, damn, I should have said the XBI. But that's OK because if I hadn't already bagged it, that secret service line and the smile line pushed it over the top.

On The Right: Iraq is voting but far from democratic Social Security, State of the Union, Cheney in a fur-lined jacket. blah blah blah. This just in, no one has sent me a gmail in nearly 2 and half months now. Oh, andRoses really smell like pooh-pooh-pooh.


Blogger Paige said...

I feel the same way about Low Culture, more people need to realize the fabulousness of that site for sure.!

And I like your blog... very good "on the left" story, I must say that even tho I am anti-dating if a guy asked me out so sweet-directly like that I would prob have to say yes. ha ha!

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