Sunday, January 23, 2005

well you did it didn't you?

I don't sing well anymore. Probably because I don't drive much anymore. My car was my studio. That's where I sing and hope someone, somewhere can hear. Something somewhere is listening. I think that we're all hoping sometimes that someone is listening. That someone hears us. Even if we aren't speaking out loud. Even if we aren't writing it all down. We're hoping that someday, at the end of our life, we'll be able to sit down with them and they can say "Well most of this was good and most of this was bad" and it's not gonna matter which one there was more of cause it was you and you were living it and breathing it and saying it. Maybe at the end we won't look back at ourselves and wonder how far up that ladder of life we climbed. We won't wonder if we made it to the top or got as far as we could have. You'll just see a long line strung out behind you. Stretching as far as you can see. And hopefully you'll look back at that line and turn to me and say "you see that? You see how far I traveled to get here? To get to now. That's me back there." And I'll look back there and see where my line crosses yours. And I'll say "yep, that's where you saw me singing in the car.

And then I'll roll up my sleves. I'll pull in that line, I'll get it tangled and I'll wad it up and stick it in my pocket. I'd like to tell you that I would send you a smile, tip my hat and walk off into the sunset. But I'll probably just shrug. "that's it I guess?" My expression might say. Cause the point if it isn't to go out with a smile on your face. It's just to go out knowing you got something worthwhile in your pocket. Even if it is just a ball of string.


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