Friday, January 14, 2005

Today a European spacecraft landed on one of Satrun's moon. Think about that for a second. Damn. We can build ships that fly to Saturn. I can write a page and you can read it millisecond later. I have access to more porn than anyone in the 80's probably thought humanly possible. We have mapped the human genome. We can clone babies. And with all these people doing all these amazing things, we still can't figure out why the fuck gravity work. We know how it works, or rather what it does. We know every detail of it's force and speed and strength but it just doesn't make sense. The world is spinning, shouldn't we all be flying off of it? One day someone will figure it out. And then someone after him will figure out how to harness it. And then we'll have those flying cars everyone has always wanted.

Someday I'm going to tell my kids that I lived in a time before the internet. Before cell phones. Before text messages. Before ipods. Before tivo. And they are going to laugh at me. I'll tell them that we used to look stuff up in encyclopedias and order stuff from catalogues. And they'll ask if there were dinosaurs around then too. And I'll tell them, "only Donald Rumsfeld." And they'll ask "who's that?" And I'll explain to them that a long time ago, our country used to be run by a guy called The President who had a lot of power. And they will say, "that's silly. My teacher says it's bad for one person to control a country." And I'll tell them that I know. I saw it. And they will smile, show their teeth and make a dinosaur growl.


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