Thursday, January 20, 2005

To say I hate Bush is not accurate. There are a number of levels of distaste that I hold for his decisions policies and public image, of this there is no doubt. Much noise is made about his low IQ, his oft-dumbstruck facial expressions and complete unwillingness to pay attention to the media. I must say, it's hard to have this man representing the nation of my birth. The nation that I love so dearly that I yearn to heal, to fix its problems and to make it the greatest, most accepting, most prosperous nation on earth. And with such idealistic dreams, it's hard to have him represent me out there in the world. But then I remember, in terms of numbers, Bush is a more accurate portrayer of the average American then I would care to admit. Besides the one glaring inaccuracy that most of us aren't filthy rich (though the newest pop-culture phenomenon is the belief that every young person will be rich and famous someday), the majority of the people indulge in many of the simple pleasures and make the same simple mistakes that Bush does. He is the common man. Isn't he?

Lets really think about this. Somehow this "common man" with supposedly such limited capacities, has made his way (whether on the coattails of his father or not) from Crawford Texas to Yale to the National Guard to Texas politics, governor, and now President. Then he got us to invade Iraq because they had weapons of mass destruction. There aren't any, but he got us to do it. Now these word that we might have to invade Iran too. Then, and most amazingly, he got us to vote him back into office for a second term, amongst the largest voter turnout in history and substantiated claims that he was less than heroic in his civil service. He was even able to make a mockery of Kerry's Purple Heart (not an easy task). And people say it's all so scary because he's so stupid? He's leading us blindly? Belligerently? Unwisely? Honestly, I hope to god that all of that is true, because if it's not and Bush is a brilliant political mongerer under the facade of ignorance, than the outlook for the next four years will be far scarier, far darker and far bleaker than any of us could have feared.


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