Wednesday, January 12, 2005

The most potential hopeful for the title of Spring semester Savior is a 6'3" black man with a scar above his right eye named Kirby. He does two things I haven't seen anyone in my journalism school do for a while. The first is smile. The second, is actually want me to think outside the box. Formally trained in my other love, Anthropology, Kirby takes on journalism like...... And I am eating it up.

In the lame type news which has become less and less of what I include here, the fifth and final addition to my new house (which includes a genius engineer starved for literature, a NYC boy who philosophizes till I want to puke and hopelessly idealistic mountain boy) is a former conquest of mine. She was the first girl to set the standard in this town, which is the girls get what they want and they don't beat around the bush. Of course this was over tow years ago and since then we have each left and returned, falling in love (and one of us maybe out) and developed eating disorders (one eats too much and the other too little). Awkward you might say. Not at all. It's great to live with a girl who's pants you have already been in. You're just not curious.
And now, for the first time ever, I will stoop to the pathetic level of a quiz.


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