Monday, January 17, 2005

The intro to the media and culture section in Adbusters' "The big Ideas 2005" issue read:

If you are bored, surf the internet
If you feel pain, take a painkiller
If you feel stressed, smoke
If you don't know how to have fun, drink.

And then they made it pretty clear that despite the crap you get fed by the TV and the internet and the radio and the billboards on the bus, shit is pretty fucked up. So everyone is hailing bloggers. As if we are the last great hope. As if we are the only ones with the power to challenge the corporations and the media (which itself is little more of a corporation at this point). How come when you challenge them in a demonstration or a editorial you are called a liberal and a hippie but when you can do it as a nameless, faceless mass you're a revolutionary? Blogs might give us some sliver of hope, but in the end I will have to choose. I either play the game or I don't. But it's been my experience that 99% of the people who don't, lose automatically. You can't fight from the outside or you look like a fool. It's from the inside that we have to change it.

There's a lot of powerful people with a lot at stake. You might call me cynical but if you want to know why something is the way it is, there's one imperative question that needs asking: Who profits from it being that way? And at the end of the day when you realize the internet the cable company sells you so then can bombard you with advertisement and the depression it causes which they can treat, oh yes, with the antidepressants your healthcare helps subsidize which make accept your fate as an office drone and not raise any resistance to the system that raises your company's owners above you.

You just can't take these guys head on. We gotta be smart. We gotta seep in. But then we gotta chip away. Slowly. Secretly. Quitetly. Unrelentingly.


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Very secretly and quietly :-)

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