Monday, January 10, 2005

I'm trying to re-learn my own blogger basics. You should use them too.
The Truth Bloggers keys to blogging:
1. Everything is game.

2. Music. Music is key. Pick a song that matches your mood. Then put it on repeat. Listen to it three times over. Then you can start to blog. But don't stop the music. Not until you're done. Right now I've got Miles Davis flowing So What.

3. If the music doesn't get you focused, close the door, turn off the lights and feel it. Do whatever it is to get around that filter in your brain. You need a high speed line between your frontal lobes and your keyboard. For one of my favorite posts I actually took my laptop and a chair and closed myself in a closet. You guess which one. If you ever get distracted mid post and walk away, trash whatever you wrote and start form scratch.

4. Change the scenery. Dies that contradict #3? Hell no. You still need to be focused but sometimes a new blogging location will stave out new emotions.

5. The best points are the ones you don't mean to make

6. Don't get distracted by porn

7. Don't give a fuck about any stupid list of things that other bloggers tell you that you have to follow to write a great blog.

P.S. Does anyone else find it rediculosu that the spell check doesn't recgnize the word blog or blogger?


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