Thursday, December 02, 2004

In case you all have forgotten I'm studying journalism. and I hate it. don't get me wrong, journalism is great. I love the blogs and I read the New York Times religiously. It's great. But to learn journalism is like taking stupid pills. I call my class "101 ways to suck the life out of your writing." journalism shouldn't be learned in the classroom, it should be learned in the nwesroom. So I have turned my journalism classes into an intensive creative writing workshop. I'm creating chraracters and events and suspicious deals and all the kinds of news you really want to hear.

Journalism ethics? Fuck it. If Dan Rather is walking out on CBS after reporting on TRUE information in FALSE documents than fuck you America, I want nothing to do woth journalism. Maybe I need to jump into the PR side. Everyday my reporting class gets out at the same time as that advertising class next door and I watch all the fugly reporters walk out of my class with their heads down while next door the beautiful sorority girls strut out laughing and smiling and practicing how they are gonna butter up all those corporate schmucks to fill 2/3 of the magazines with shit they want to sell you that you don't need. Maybe that's what I need to do. Sell the shit. Mkae the deals. Get the house and the cars and the vacations. And the sorority girls on the left and the right of me in class. Oh wait, I alreadt work in a sorority. I already know how to ge tthose kinds of deals done. Fucking advertising.

And that's a big rift that I've been seeing in my life lately. Fucking G2K wants the house like the one she grew up in. She wants all the stuff and she wants to give her kids all the things her parents gave her. And she wants to get started on that road right away. Tomorrow even. As soon as she can. She doesn't understand how good it can be to have dreasm you have to work for. How great dreams are when they are still dreams. Liek the ones I had of her before all this shit fell out. But she's got a plan. But not me. Oh no. I like the adventure. I like not knowing. I want to spend a few years doing the things I dreampt about as a kid. Maybe I'll live on a beach and maybe I'll live on a mountainside or maybe I'll live on the top floor of the playboy mansion, fuck it, maybe I'll live in the grotto of the the Playboy Mansion. I love not knowing. and I love taking chances. so I get in fights with the G2K and I meet a hot sorority girl with a tight body and nothing between the ears (well, she may have gotten into law but I'm convinced she is riding a two generation legacy). It's not about sex. It's Body games. You gotta play the body games. Play the game before you loose the little car and your kid swallows all the plastic hotels and you can't play anymoe. Cause I got to take chances. I gotta make mistakes. That's what you do when your in your early 20's. Or if your 100 and stuck in a 20 something's body. Especially if it's a hot one. Geronimo mother fuckers.


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