Friday, December 17, 2004

I got bitchslapped across the face. And the truth was I probably deserved it. It knocked some good sense into me. Cause For some reason I was whining about all the adventures being over. About somehow I'd managed to get myself stuck with a one-way ticket to the rest of my life with no detour or layover or shortcuts. The fun was all behind me and the dreary was ahead, I told him. And he slapped me. And I bounced out of the rut. He asked "who can blog?" and I told him Anyone with a computer and internet and some miniscule command of the english language (though that is debatable). Then he asked, who can control their own future? And I frowned. Then I cocked one eyebrow. Them I may have looked constapated. But I replied, anyone with a life and a soul and a dream. He stood motionless for another moment, staring at me without so much as a twitch until he turned and stepped right into another conversation. And I was left chewing on my own words.

Left to ponder my fate I was summoned to spend the evening with one of my new roomate (as of next week). He refuses to play the game. He thinks he's noble. He thinks he's above the game. But there's a sad truth. Everyone plays the game. You either learn to play it or you lose before you even get your pieces in play. I gotta teach BB to do the balancing act. Between what you hold true to yourself and what you let everyone else know.

it's 2AM, I'm getting woken up again. I'm covered in rain and soon there will be too much sun coming in. A life, a soul, and a dream.


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