Wednesday, October 06, 2004

There was singing. Loud singing, beautiful colors, my head was spinning and I was falling through the darkness. Alone. I was alone. But there was a woman's voice. I couldn't see her but she sang so sweetly. Suddenly my eyes snapped open. I wasn't in my bed. I wasn't in any bed. I woke sitting up with my ipod ear buds still in my ears and a small TV screen only 10 inches from my face, full of singing and dancing. I realized the buds were plugged into the seat's armrest. I was on a plane. People were shuffling. I blinked long and deliberately just to ask my brain if all of this was real. The airplane sound chimed in my ears and I opened my eyes again just in time to see the fasten seatbelt sign flicker out. Moulin Rouge was playing on the small TV screen. I left the plane. It was 5:30 AM. I looked for any identifying marks. "Logan Airport." I was in Boston. I drug my carry-on to the subway, I got off 20 minutes later, knocked on a door, a familiar face opened it, pointed to a couch and away I drifted.

I have some kind of ephemeral connection with Boston. The city lives and breathes and I have to spend at least a day with it walking the streets, exploring it, loving it and giving of myself to it. I spent early Friday with her. From the Back Bay to the pier to Cambridge I strolled on foot. And when a childhood friend at MIT called me to meet I knew trouble was brewing. It bubbled over when we decided that an old tandem bike should be restored to working order and ridden through traffic on one of Boston's busiest streets. Was I on the front or the back? Well, I'm Tank's bitch, and also, I'd estimate, 50 pounds his subordinate so of we went, Tank leading the way, I taking up the rear, cars honking, girls giggling and two childhood friends remembering what it means to be a kid again.

Boston late-night was mild but the next day things changed quickly. I hitched a ride to NH. Who was there waiting on the side of the highway? The G2K. The next two nights were spent with her. That is the short of this past weekend. There was much drama in the LBC however. I am too tired to tell you now. I'll dish it soon.


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