Saturday, October 09, 2004

A Big Night Out

For this story we're going to have to go way back in the truth blog. Sometimes a story is so rediculous I wouldn't even expect you to try to believe it. This is one of those stories. But the thing is, it's true. I have this theory that life circles back around on itself over and over again. So there I was, minding my own business at the girl's big party last night at their Princess Palace. Good times, lots of drinks and lost of unknown faces. Oh, and plenty of music and dancing too. Everything's fun and fine and great when in walks a girl from the sorority where I work. But not just any girl, the girl.

I don't want to give her a name on here, because a special title means she's gonna have a recurring role. Oh, fuck it. Let's call her Ghana Girl. The only one in the house I would do more than fuck for fun. But sadly she tells me she has a boyfriend. Some dumb fifth year fucker. I figured she probably found some jerk. I said hi to her at the party and then looked behind her. Someone else walked through the door. Someone I didn't expect. My Twin, M. Remember him? Ya I moved in with him for a week over the summer, the first night of which I hooked up with his ex-girlfriend who, apparently, he was still in love with. My life is not a soap opera. I promise. Luckily he never found out so we're still friends and our resemblance is uncanny. We chatted it up for a bit. He's me only louder and crazier. Then Ghana girl comes over. I asked her if she knew M. "That's my boyfriend silly," she giggled to me. holyshit holyshit holyshit. There are nearly 30 thousand people on this campus. 30 thousand, why me?

So let me get this straight... The only sorority girl who I thought I could see myself with for more than one night keeps telling me about her boyfriend, who, in addition to looking like my twin brother, turns out to be the ex of the TMG who I hooked up with over the summer. wow. just wow. I almost cracked and told them this last night. That would have been a bad scene. I don't know how I get myself into this shit, I really don't. God is always playing these tricks on me.

All this compounded by the G2K, who is having some kind of breakdown 2000 miles away. First she was laughing. Then she was crying. Now she is hiding from me I think. And B is there. Which, to be honest, is completely terrifying me. And when I'm scared, I can't do my work. So here I am, not at the football game, not at the library, not outside, but sitting here, stressing, taking years off of my life making things as hard as possible. I know, I need help. I just don't know who can help me. Maybe it's you.


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You still around man?

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