Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Tonight I write to answer certain question asked by you, the readers, by imaginary people and by myself. I know, everyone is curious. But lets see, where to begin?

Why haven't you hooked up with any girls form the sorority yet?
OK, I guess we'll jump right in then. I could say that I already have but I just haven't told you. Of course that would be a lie. I could say it's because I'm ugly and shy. I'm neither. I guess it comes down to a few reasons. The first of which is, of course, the G2K. She is not necessarily forbidding me to do anything (in fact, she said if I really I had to hook up with a girl here to be happier then I should) but really because I think about her so much it's hard to think about all those girls scampering around. In that regard I have become less mike a boy in the house and more like a piece of furniture. I'm a lightstand. Just there but not really interacting except for essential purposes. Of course it's by choice and it's not 100% of the time but I'm not out there peeking up skirts and down skirts. And of course, while being a lightstand, I'm still attracting some attention. What can I do if some girls just want to hump the lightstand? If it comes down to it and one of the girls really corners me, I don't think I would hesitate too much to say yesAnd there's one girl who's getting closer and closer. The other answer is, you gotta be tactful. Cause if you play a girl wrong on the first shot you're gonna screw yourself for the rest of the house. It's all strategery.

Is "Hegemonic" a word?
Apparently so. I refuse to tell you what it means.

How Old are You?
My soul is 100. My body is still early 20's. It's kinda like being your parents when they say "if I had you're youth and strength knowing what I know now..." only not. I get cranky.

How come you wrote that crazy post about Karl Rove and didn't say anything about CBS or Dan Rather?
Let me start off by saying, fuck you. And by fuck you I mean I'll write what I want when I want, with no regard for equal time, actual factual analysis or any regard for truth. But at the same time, I am a dedicated student of journalism and understand that CBS fucked up. I know my media law (or I'm learning it) and the supreme court case of New York Times V. Sullivan decision gives the media the power to basically say whatever the fuck they want about government officials so long as they think it's true, don't intend to cause "actual malice", and don't show blatant disregard for the truth (I know, school is making me all smart again!) but still CBS fucked up. And I didn't write about it because there are hundreds of blogs out here where you can read conservatives calling Rather a hack, telling you to never trust the media and demanding CBS to fire everyone on their staff. So I thought I would take a different approach. That's what us journalists do. We chose an angle and use it to our advantage. Bitch please.

What's hot on your ipod right now?

I hate talknig about music because I have weird tastes and always piss someone off. That's why I love it too. I recently discovered David Gray's "Lost Songs." It's one of those albums that just cuts through the bullshit and right into the artist's soul. I can't let go of the Garden State soundtrack either. The Killers pick it up a little bit, and I rounded it off with a live set from a usual suspect that none of you yet appreciate but who you will eventually come to realize is crazy talented... even if he is a toolbag.

Wow, I thought I had more questions to answer. Guess not. I could make some up, but then again, there's enough bullshit on this website already.


Blogger raz said...

nothing better than listening to the garden state soundtrack, i hear ya

1:42 PM  
Blogger scribbs said...

hegemonic is sooo last year.

1:03 AM  

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