Thursday, September 16, 2004

If Karl Rove did what Maureen Dowd suggests than he might be one of the more brilliant political tacticians of all time. Lets take a walk in his shoes for a moment. It's getting down to the wire. You've indirectly been advising the Swift Boat veterans and exploiting the 527 loophole without so much as a peep out of the FEC. You've been bashing Kerry's decorated Vietnam service record for the last few months and loving every minute of it. So what happens when the dems go, "hey wait a second... we're getting asked if Kerry earned those two purple hearts while Bush was sitting around in the Air National guard?" So they go looking for info on Bush's guard career. For anything. The problem is that's exactly what they can't find. Anything. Anything that provides any details beyond the fact that Bush was in the guard. So they dig and dig and dig. Maybe He missed a physical or was honorably discharged with a little less honor. The press wants anything. They'll take anything they can possibly get.

That's when Karl Rove saunter's into the picture. Is he sweating it yet? Hell no. He's Karl Rove. That nasty little grin of his. Why? Cause he may have just pulled the most brilliant move the of 2004 Vietnam campaign. He took facts that very well could have been legitimate, threw them together on a document that, after any in-depth investigation, would easily be discovered to be false documentation. Then he leaked those true facts on that false document to CBS. Suddenly every fact is considered suspect. Badabing-badaboom. CBS looks like amateurs. No one knows what's true about bush's service and they don't care to investigate. Because they know any document worth finding got shredded long ago.

I'm not saying Rove did it. I'm saying if he did he's the nastiest, slimiest, ugliest and most brilliant tactician in the world. Now the House Reps wants a congressional inquiry. and as Dowd says, the same republicans who didn't want an inquiry into Sept. 11 or the lack of WMD's in Iraq (oh ya, do you still remember why we even went to war in the first place?) or why a Medicare bill was passed on faulty figures or whether the FEC is letting the 527's ruin the election.

I'm not saying. I'm just saying.


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