Friday, September 03, 2004

I feel the pressures of politics building. The internet never forgets. It doesn't forget when I say I don't want to talk about politics unless it really pisses me off. It's getting close. Close, but not quite. The G2K and I are "in a fight" I think. It's hard to be in a fight with some girl for reasons you don't know and especially when she is 2000 miles away. But she has ignored my phone calls and IM's for the last 2 days. I don't know how I feel about it. Kinda sad. Kinda indifferent. Maybe it's all the eyes around here looking in my direction. Maybe it's that I can't take her seriously when I start to forget her face and her smell and her smile. Maybe it's that I see how rediculous it is to hope this would last. To hope this could last. But it's OK, and I'm young. I have plenty of time. Time to make mistakes, burn bridges and build them back up again.

Speaking of mistakes, last night was Thursday night and I was doing what we do. Hanging with the kids, and just may have run across Tom Arnold and the Best Damn Sports Show crew. And the kid from Dumb and A hot girl gave me a wedgie. A hotter girl put her number in my phone under"balls." At some point between the vodka and tonics I was offered a PR job for and up and coming software engineering company. Riiiight.

But the whole kicker came earlier in the day. I will not date a sorority girl again forever. I will not. Especially not a blonde one. Especially not a dropdead gorgeous blonde one who's smart and funny and not obnoxious and maybe even worldly, I wouldn't even if she lived in Ghana for a while. I will not. I will not. Give a man a fish and he will want a steak. Give a man a steak and he will want a fish. But it's friday night and I am ready to do whatever I gotta do. But the politics. Oh the politics. They are coming, oh yes, they are coming.


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