Thursday, September 09, 2004

Down but not....

I'll bet you think I haven't been writing you for all these days. I'll bet you think I've been all busy and I forgot about you and decided you just weren't worth the effort. Nope. Not true. I wrote you three whole post. Three bulging and brilliant posts. Cause I really wanted to hit that political nail on the head. I really wanted to hammer that bitch home. Not home, maybe I wanted to hit it out of the park. Post one came at me low and away. (I'm a southpaw so that outside left un case you are really curious). Strike one. Pitch two was a high in my face speeder. Strike two. And the third was a sinker that made me look like I belonged back in the minors. Strike three. I was down but not out. Wait. Scratch that. 3 strikes. I was out. So I'm regrouping a setting the comeback stage. I think I found a way to get to you without fancy links and without naked pictures and without witty catchphrases. Well, maybe a few witty catch phrases. there is clearly much work to be done.

I went cruising my own blog today and I realized something shocking. The header reads :At the moment I live in a crazy town and work at a super cool magazine. The Truth Blog has no official connection with The Truth. The rest of my life you will discover here. It's all blatant lies along with my profile these days as well. time for a change? I guess so. Stay sharp.
This week's theme: freedom.
Last week's theme: fightin
Next week's theme: Sorority house threesomes.
It's fashion week bitches.
Someday baby baby.
Maybe tonight baby.
Blues riff etc.
See you soon. Sooner than you think.


Blogger D Rant Master said...

I wondered by on a whim looking at the links off of That Ashley Girl and man I can't wait to see what's next.
The next big piece of Truth reveled for all the world see, or at least 1/100th or so... maybe.
O' well, I'll be ready for what's next.
Or will I?

See ya round.

4:19 AM  

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