Thursday, September 02, 2004

Chapter 2

Into the belly of the beast? Sure, why not. I'll just keep rolling on. Rolling on the bus everyday. I love riding the bus. Watching all the people walking by on the street and smiling in the sunshine. I live watching them. Even when the girl form my stop is talking to me. Even When it's standing room only and I smooshed up next to her so close that I can hear the sound her mouth makes when it smiles next to my ear. So I walk with her to class? Why not? After all we are aparenlty in the same one. That's fine.

And when I'm done I'll hop on my t-board and everyone will stare at me. I don't mind. I'll roll on it all the way to the sorority. Cause I work there now. Ya, a lot of guys prolly are wishing they were me. And ya, there's lots of boobs and pearly whites and daddy's visa platinum flashed daily and I'm cool with that. Belly of the beast baby. Republican convention? Nope, no time. I swear I would have been the first to break the Kobe story this afternoon way before anyone else on the web but unfortunately didn't have internet all set. Now I'm rocking.

Common themes are emerging. Ideas flow into thoughts and thoughts to theories and theories suggest deeper meanings. Fighting. Lately it's about struggle. I'll bet you'd like to know, wouldn't you. We'll get to that. We'll get to the struggle and the drinking and the girls and the G2K and the thoughts and the stories and the places and faces. Oh yes. Cause I'm egocentric and all 5 of you out there keep coming back to listen to my shit. We've got time. I've had over 1000 visits. That means the five of you have been here at least 200 times a piece. Hey, whatever floats your boat.

I'm back, I'm on track and there's a 100 foot ethernet cord connecting my computer to a mystery router somewhere unseen. Oh no. Here we go again. The Truth Blog, chapter 2.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

sooooo tasty, I sometimes wonder if I married too young(19)

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