Sunday, August 22, 2004

Sorry kids, I got nothing. Rode the bus today fo rthe first time. A homeless guy wanted to ride the bus accross town. Didn't ahve any $. I gave the driver a dollar for him. The bum sat next to me and proceeded to beg me for more money. I have decided I am no longer going to be charitable to random bums. I have been drinking. Not heavily. I think I am going to start drinking heavily again. I have to pay for high-speed in my apartment all by myself. That is really going to suck. Sorry, I got nothing else. Why? I work in an hour. Catering until 1 AM tonight and then hitting class at 9 AM. Where or where did I go wrong? Want to be back at the Super Cool Mag. Maybe soon. But for now, let me say, i am a changed man. Or a changing man. Ir really jsu tthe same man in a different place. Great. Grand. Wonderful.


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