Monday, August 02, 2004

Got the West Nile Blues

I guess the good thing about getting West Nile Virus is that now I don't need to put on bug spray because the mosquitos can do no more damage (not that I was putting it on earlier anyway). It's true that I was down and I was out for a little while because that's what can happen when your body suddenly become host to millions of new residents. My body isn't very hospitable so he turned up the heat to make everyone want to leave. There's been fever and there's been hallucinations (the TMG called and I could have sworn it was the G2K and I asked her how the weather was 2000 miles away!) and now I'm just tired. Really tired. I wake up, but I don't wake up. My brain is kinda in an inbetween state. And I'm not gonna write to you until everything is back to normal. But I'm still going 2000 miles away tomorrow. Cause apparently, when the G2K was here she got West Nile too! Oh the irony. So I guess we can be sick together. Ugh. Wow. Back to lying down. I'll return, and it it will be triumphant. You hear me? TRIUMPHANT!


Blogger Meera said...

Well, then, Get Well Soon! I enjoy your blog... Keep up the good work. I am listening from India.

11:37 PM  

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