Monday, August 23, 2004

The amount of pasta that I consume is inversely proportionate to the amount of flowage at the time. I am once again a student, I signed a lease that way mre than I can afford and my roomate has decided he has no need for the www at our digs so I am stuck with the entire bill. Suddenly this adds a new dimension to the equation. The amount of pasta I eat is directly porportionate to how much I love y\'all. I will be eating a lot of pasta for the next couple months. Yum yum.

Today was a day of beginnings for many people. The beginning of a long journey for the AQ. Scribbs has left us as well and also the beginning of the my new busblog. Cute girl at the bus stop this morning. Black hair, skinny but smart looking. she smiled pretty big when I walked past her. I smiled back. Just me and her waiting. I love where I live. No trash ridden bus or broken escalators. Nice bus. Everyone smiling. Everyone says hello and goodbye and thank you to the driver. I got off the bus and rocked it to class.... yes, me in class. I was depressed but it's like an old baseball mitt really. Then the strangest thing happened. Just as I began to feel I was abandoned and helpless and beyond saving. Just as I thought I would have to get up and run out and never come back. That's when the girl from the bus stop walked through the door. College I thought to myself. Yes, this is college. Not the college I once knew. No. But this is college. College reinvented. College in a way you poor bastards would never live it. There will be much pasta. Ya, maybe there will be a lot of pasta... Or maybe I should just go get a job working in a sorority. Welcome back everyone. Welcome back.


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