Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Yup, this is the worst. Tonight plans are big. Today there is little work to be done. I am reading your blogs. It looks like I'm the only one hitting the post-4th of july blogger blues. Lets pull it together. The first thing I do these days when I find a new blog is go back as far in the Archives as I possibly can. I wanna see how you started. I want to watch you evolve. I want to see your best post and your worst post. If everyone who came to the truth blog only looked at yesterday and today they wouldn't know shit. They wouldn't know who The TMG is, or why I call her that or what our twisted web of shit is about.(Which continued here, here, here and best of all here) OR that I've also been in love with the G2K. since the first day of this blog. And how she is trying to invade my island.
You wouldn't know why I am in love with LL and why we don't talk anymore. You wouldn't know why superman and I are so alike. You wouldn't know where I was exactly a year ago. You would never have read My best post yet or my worst post yet.

Kerry just improved his chances of winning the presidential race. John Edwards has that fire in his eye. Even as a kid. Hopefully he will light a fire under Kerry's ass. As for me, I'm still bowing out of political hubbub. And today I got linked on some other people's pages. That scared me. Put the pressure on. So I decided to write the worst blog ever. Because if you come back after reading today's post then I've got you hooked for life.
I can release adrenaline on command.
I was born to blog.
Blogs will ruin your life.
dirty clothes are on the floor.
G2K comes in 6 days.
I am petrified.


Blogger blogbenny said...

BlogBenny will give yous an Europeans point of views. Both Kerry and Bush is complete idiots. Kerry is just less radical than Bush is, so e is da best choice.
BB is anxiuously waiting for da next elections (2008?)

7:58 AM  

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