Sunday, July 11, 2004

World's Colliding

I'm a man of separation. I think it's healthy to organize your life into chunks. Because chunks are easier to deal with then everything at once. So far everything has worked out great. Waaay forever ago I had my Jew-related friends and my school friends. Then I had my sport friends and my school friends. Then I had my high-school friends and my college friends. And I could be a different person at each. I could tell all my funny stories twice (of course I would often forget who I had already told them to and get yelled at for telling them again). Really, I was twice the man. And now I have the TMG and the G2K. And last night in the bar I could hear George Costanza yelling "world's colliding!" in my brain. If you looked at the countdown you would know the G2K isn't here yet. So how the hell are worlds colliding.

Well last night I met The Almighty Quinn and the TMG for drinks late night. No big deal. I told them the chicken story. They laughed. Then AQ fucked me royally. Because he knew the G2K was coming. And he didn't know I had ever had anything with the TMG. So he asked if I was nervous for next week. And I tried to play it down saying yes, I was really busy and had a lot of work to do. But he said, no about the girl coming. Fuck dude! Throw me a bone here! The TMG asked, what girl? I tried to play it down. This girl I used to know but haven't seen for a while. Ya, well I was really busy next week so I won't see her much. Plus she has other friends here. But AQ pushed it. God. He goes, aren't you nervous that she's not going to look the same or whatever? JESUS. You don't say that shit in front of other girls, regardless of whether you slept with them or not. Thanks prick. The TMG actually took it pretty well. I saw that moment of surprise in her eyes. But really, there is nothing between us anytime soon so what was she going to do? She was mock supportive. I think it was mock. I think she was just being supportive to convince the AQ that she was indifferent. OR maybe she is just indifferent. Either way worlds were colliding.

later we got talking about weddings and the TMG was offended that I said if my fiance wanted to run the wedding I wouldn't put up a fight. She said I should care. I said I did, but not as much as she would. Then I found out she went to a wedding on Friday night at The Chateau. Holy shit! The catering company had asked me to work the Chateau on Friday night. Thank god I had declined. That would have been uber-akward.

So today is the only day of the year I get to watch World Superbike live cause the boys or down in Laguna Seca, CA doing what they do best. I wanted to go see Napoleon Dynamite, but I suppose that will have to wait. So well cleaning this shithole up for the G2K arriving tomorrow. I was in a sentimental mood last night. But it didn't last. I slept it off. Monotone again this morning. It is nearly 100 outside and I refuse to leave my house. I Also refuse to put on anything other than boxers. I just thought you would like to know that.


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