Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Talking about music is fine. But talking about musicians is like talking about politicians. As soon as you make any kind of affiliation you have immediately alienated half of your audience. Especially in my case. In my world of wholly distorted self-perception I am a pretty well rounded listener-I can chill with Thelonius Monk, rock with The Stones, cry about my pickup and my horse on the local country station and even bob my head to The Roots or Eminem every once in a while. But my ipod playlist will reveal the truth: I am a sissy rocker. And I like melancholy music. And music that is all angsty. Because I am angsty. So is it any surprise that I went to see this guy at Red Rocks last night? (I can hear the sound of mice furiously clicking away from the truth blog) But if you're not a 20 something with at least a median IQ you might not really get it. First thing's first. Now of you think you know JM from his songs on the radio or his CD's you're dead wrong. The guy is one of the greatest guitar players of this new generation. On top of that, how many pop stars do u see singing Marvin Gay in the middle of his set, and then busting into a call and response with the sax player who was only there to play backup. Fucking unreal. Red Rocks is like a musical pleasure device. When an artist gets on stage and plays their first note it just rubs them the right way. And they have a musical climax. And the fans feel it. And then they have one too. And it's better than any sex I've ever had because we both come together. And it lasts forever. Last night it went for an hour and 20 minutes plus a 20 minute encore.

I'm telling you, the man can player the guitar. And, shit, if that's not enough, some of his lyrics are unreal. Which is the kicker for me because, of the two types of music lovers, I am definitely more lyrically inclined. And he's a musician's musician. Trust me on this one. He could have been one of the best blues guitarists of all time. Instead he chose to be a rockstar. Can u blame him? So that was sadly my entire day. Because I was invited to the soundcheck before the show. So we made an event of it. Nothing like meeting cool people at soundcheck. Espescially cool ones who offer you a ticket to go back for the second night. I guess I'm getting a lot of musical ass this week. One thing I am not getting is any text message ass. I think the TMG fell off the face of the earth. And the G2K has decided that since she booked a ticket out here and is coming in 5 days (jesus, 5 days!!) that she doesn't really have any responsibility to communicate with me until then. Man there were so many pubescent girls at the show last night. They come for the corny guy on the CD and find themselves sitting in front of a real concert. What a waste of space. Best part of the entire show? Not music. John utilized the spoken word to repeat exactly what I said a few days ago. Maybe he reads the truth blog. He affirmed that we all gotta go vote. But shut up and do it quietly. Because it's those people that keep shouting about politics that fuck things up. It's fine to whisper about it but as soon as someone tries to force feed you anything the first reaction of anyone intelligent is to shut down and refuse it. And I said that talking about music is like talking about politicians. Fuck. I guess I justwasted a bunch of breath.

Just realized it's gonna be hard to blog while the G2K is here. Anyone know where I can get some ruffies? I'll just slip it in her morning coffee so I have a few hours to jot things down. Looks like you're going to have to listen to me
bleed about music again tomorrow. Suck it up. blogogog.


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