Monday, July 26, 2004

Sometimes I miss working for the big-time catering company. Cuase sometimes it's nice to feel like you are where the action is. To know that u r working for and hanging with the best of the best. But I'm older and I'm wiser and though this new setup doesn't get the celebs and the famous sports star's and the city's elite, they treat me real well. And all the events our with real people. Everyday people. People who don't get all worked up when the sauce isn't drizzled on the right way. Or when their glass has a small water-spot on it. Even when it's raining they're not gonna get down on us. Even when it's raining on their wedding day.

And when I found myself setting up a reception in a large tent that could barely keep out the rain and the fog and the chilliness of a cloudy summer day I knew I would have to rely on my smile all night long. I would have to smile to keep everyone moving along and enjoying themselves. I usually smile a lot when I work for the catering company. I'm not just there to serve u dinner, I'm there to help u have a good time. And when I smile a lot it helps me enjoy working too. It makes people happier to be around me. And that makes me happier. So I want people to enjoy themselves. Like the grandfather at the wedding this weekend. He was joking and smiling and laughing with me all night long. Even though it was pouring outside on his granddaughter's wedding day. And he was holding his wife's hand the whole night like they were still newlyweds. Lots of petting and rubbing and sparks that I didn't think you could still have at that age.

We served dinner. And afterward the bride and groom had their first dance. I stood there just watching them. And the grandfather got up to get another drink. But when he saw me he slowly kinda hobbled over. And he stood next to me and watched his granddaughter. And he looked at me. And he said, "What a smile! Did u win the lottery? Um, no. "Right," he said. "she must be some girl then" Ya, I guess she must be, I thought to myself. He chuckled for a second and scurried off to the bar. I guess I was smiling a little bigger that night. Watching the bride and groom. A smile that someone with the wisdom of years could easily decipher. Hindsight is a beautiful thing. 

I was pretty busy with that stupid sport this last year. I traveled around a lot. Maybe too much. Definitely too much. So much that I wasn't quite sure where my home was anymore. So much that I didn't know who my friends were anymore either. But it was more than enough to buy myself a frequent flier ticket to 2000 miles away. I fly next Wednesday. I haven't told my boss. But when she asks I think maybe I'll defer to Robin Williams and Matt Damon, I had to see about a girl.  I'll tell her. And I'll let the rest speak for itself.






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