Monday, July 12, 2004

Lindsay called today. I asked her what she has been up to. "oh nothin," she replied. "Since I turned 18 I've been getting a lot more phone calls." I reminded her that I had warned her of that. She giggled that cute little giggle that makes my eyes roll back in my head. How Come she hadn't been over in well over a month now? "Hello! I'm the it girl right now. I've been really busy soaking it up as much as possible. Fine, I said, I see how it is.
"I'm kinda seeing this gut too." Who, I asked. "His name is Wilmer." Wilmer, you're dating a guy named Wilmer?
"Ya," she sighed, " It's fez. You know, from that 70's show." It's the accent, isn't it, I said jokingly. "No, it's just that if your young and single and famous in LA then you have to date him. It's kind of an unspoken rule." Whatever. Stupid girls and their phases. I think she got a little upset. That's good. Sometimes you gotta push their buttons. Then I told her the G2K was coming. "no fair!" she squealed. Why? "Because she doesn't have anything else to do so she can just hop a jet and see you whenever she wants." Ya. So what? "I dunno. Just don't do anything with her there that you wouldn't do with me around." I told her she should come around and then I could do anything I wanted to both of them. I felt her blush through the phone.

The G2K is late. Apparently, while we are on the biggest heatwave of the entire summer, Laguardia airport is covered in rain. That's fine, more time to brood. I can sit here and think about worthless things. Like how today was Wheel Of Fortune's 4000th episode, a topic near and dear to my heart. Thanks to Mrs. B, my very first baby-sitter whose house was my playground everyday while my parents were at work from my birth until around 2 years old, I was introduced to the television quite early. Everyday Mrs. B would scurry through the linoleum covered kitchen and into the 70's style living room, over to a "color" TV and make sure not to miss a minute of Pat Sajack's wisecracking and Vanna's follow up giggles. I was not old enough to talk, but I'm sure even then I was absorbing all I could. So there I was, a few months out of the womb and receiving my first instruction in media and words via Wheel of fortune. Oddly enough I started talking long before most infants. And even once I was able to slither, crawl and eventually walk my way out of anywhere in the house, I still spent that entire hour of the early afternoon sitting indian style on the floor, watching that wheel spin. We are the TV generation. There is no denying it. I used to. Now I embrace it. TV is the great equalizer. Or at least that's what I tell Lindsay.

It's good to see that Jamie Cullum is finally getting the props he deserves. Music is devolving. I love it. G2K comes tonight. Maybe I'll blog this week. Maybe I won't. Fuck it.


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