Thursday, July 08, 2004

I wish this was a smaller picture

Bitch Please. I am not going to stop saying that until all of u start using it. I'm serious. Let's practice: Botch Please. Fuck. I messed it up. K. Here we go: Bitch Please! Again, with feeling: Bitch Pleeeaaase!. Nice.

Went to the second show last night. I guess it got a pretty good review. The guy's got both rock star status and street cred and nada could ruin last night's concert for me. Not even the TMG. A buddy and I got there earlier to save some 5th row seats for ourselves and 2 friends. But the TMG called before they got there. And she asked if I was there. I told her I was. She asked where I was so she could come say hi. Fifth row just left of center, I told her. 2 minutes later there she was with 3 friends. And they decided that they were going to take the 2 seats we had saved. Bitch Please. She couldn't take a hint and they stayed. But it didn't ruin my night. It couldn't. Cause when I hear that music it kinda makes me wanna be a better man. Why is the music so fucking loud at concerts? Not to bust my eardrums, but so I don't have to listen to that idiot next to me who sings along but who was kicked out of his church choir when he was 10 cause he could never carry a tune. Also, note to loud people: don't turn to me every 10 seconds and tell me how fucking amazing the show is. I know how amazing it is. That's why I came. That's why I'm here. Bitch please.

I'm still not 100% up on my blog etiquette. What is the procedure when you see someone you have never met but that you definitely recognize from their blog? It happened for the first time last night I would assume y'all follow have the same procedure that I do, I want to be left the fuck alone and never to be approached. Of course that is why I don't post pictures of myself. That, and because I don't have a digital camera. I have to steal pictures. Like the middle finger pick I found on Yahoo that I apparently stole from Neddy J. He wasn't too impressed when I didn't pay him his dues and I wasn't that impressed with his sarcasm but I think we just made our peace. But Honestly I think Ned should bankroll a camera or I'm gonna steal some more of his pics. Like this one here. Unfortunately I have no visual artistic talent whatsoever. That's why I give props to all of you out there who hook it up with photoblogs. I won't even pretend to be that cool. In fact, I am the lamest person I know. It's great being the lamest person you hang with cause then you are always growing and changing. Or getting made fun of. One of the two.

Today The super cool magazine was hosted at a sweet promo event. Not just any event but a lakeside BBQ. In case you haven't figured it out, there's not a lot of water where I'm from so getting a chance to jump on a wave runner for the first time in my life and crank it up to 40 mph was about the closest I could come to heaven after last night. Especially cause I could pretend like I was on a moto GP bike. Best of all, it was part of the promo so I was bouncing off the boat wake at no cost to myself. Frickin' sweet.

Have you bought Jamie Cullum's album yet or at least downloaded a song? If you don't like jazz you just haven't invested enough time into it yet. Damn, I guess we already went over not preaching musicality.
G2K countdown: 4 days
Best Part of Today: Riding Wave Runner
Worst Part of Today: Writing this bog
Stupidest thing I said today: Bitch please
Truth Blog "bitch please" counter: 10(?)
What I'm doing as soon as I'm done writing: Putting on some clothes cuz I'm in my underwear
Second stupidest thing I said today: feeling the beat cuz I was born for the streetz
I'm outy for shouty


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