Friday, July 09, 2004

Buy me a camera or suffer more gigantic pictures

I wish all my links didn't have to be underlined. I really need to figure out how to change that. Oh, right, their not underlined. Wonderful. I'm already taking flack for my two posts about this guy. That's fine. I know you'll come around when you finally realize his guitar skills. But until then I'll just be going to concerts screaming teenage girls who love his radio edits like this one. You can even read the comment I wrote explaining how I feel. Good music and lots of ladies? Sounds like a good concert to me.

I had a crazy amount of work to do today but I was in procrastination mode. Fuck work. I rolled to the nearest bookstore to do some "market research" (aka reading other magazines). Lance Armstrong was on every other fucking cover. I counted at least 7. I guess the man deserves some props but what about Tyler Hamilton? The man got 4th last year after breaking his collar bone in two places! Now that's a story. Alright, I'll give it up for Lance because the man haw won 5 fucking tours in a row and will probably win this one too (even though he crashed today!) I got suckered into a men's journal piece about how the Olympics are a ridiculous sex fest (which I can confirm form other first hand accounts) and it reminded me why I was an athlete for so long. Yehaw. Then I (re)discovered Utne Magazine which not only detailed the quarter-life crisis which I am experiencing at the moment but also included a funny article entitled "Blogging ruined my life." And I know blogging will ruin mine too. There were a lot of other magazines, can't remember any of them.

It's funny the kind of things that trigger memories. After Work today I took a nice long drive to my grandfather's old house. And on the way I saw a guy driving a pickup in the HOV lane with a dog in the passenger's seat. Does that count? Anyways, my grandfather passed away nearly 5 months ago and we are finally getting ready to sell his things and get rid of the house. SO I had to pick and choose whatever I wanted to keep. There were some memorable artifacts but my strongest memory in the entire house flashed back when I walked down the stairs into his basement. It wasn't what I saw or smelt or felt when I got downstairs, it was the creaks and groans of my weight on the old wooden stairs that brought me back. To when I was 5. And we would walk down the stars together to look through old books or play ping pong. And the sounds those stairs make is exactly the same all these years later. I wish I could take those stairs with me. Or at least record that sound. I'll never forget it.

I was also excited to see the return of the Perry Mason Lover's Journal at She's Krafty Especially cause I wrote a drunk post late last night requesting it.

There was something else I wanted to write about. In fact, I think it was going to be the centerpiece of today's blog. But this is how my life goes.


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