Friday, July 30, 2004

Alright, I'm going to rap at you for a sec. Actually, I'm not. Cause these aren't my words. They're someone else's words and I'm not going to tell you who cause I don't feel like it. But just keep listening anyhow. Can you hear me alright? OK.

So we're in a big country and we got a lot of beliefs, you know. And so there's the beliefs when you sit across the table from someone you totally respect but you look at them and deep down inside your head you go, "how do you believe that?" That's just the way life goes, you know. You can have a perfectly diplomatic debate with someone and go, "I don't get it how you believe that."

So because there's so many different beliefs in the world we invented this whole government thing, and -this sounds really stupid for me to be saying but it's the truth so check it out- So we made these things called beliefs. Personal beliefs. So how do we get the whole world to live together? Well, you have this thing called voting. And you go out and you vote your belief. But you're really supposed to pull the curtain, and pull the little thing and you walk out and you're not really supposed to say, "who'd you vote for?" It's not really about making a t-shirt... that's silk screen voting, that's bumper stickers, forget that.

Everyone here has a personal belief and I believe that people who believe that if they state their belief passionately enough they'll change the world -which is not true-give the rest of the world who have beliefs a bad name. Because they're just overzealous, they don't let other people talk or they're just, "No if I may have a moment...If I may have a moment on my side of the split-screen on the camera on the 60 Minutes CBS show," or whatever.

And a belief has to be sent across in a way that people want to receive and not just say, "fuck that."Because that's what happens to me when someone hands me something I go, "I don't want it. I don't want your belief." So if...I... All I'm telling you is to just vote your belief and just be quiet. You know, let's just do it. Let's just shut up and do it. Let's just go and pull the little curtain and shut up and do it. It's not coffee talk, it's not table talk.

Where am I going to on this? There was one man, in my opinion, who was able to bring about a belief to anybody and everybody without getting it shut down and his name was Marvin Gaye... I hope I wasn't preaching to you. You know what I'm trying to say. Alright. Just keep it off you damn t-shirts and go vote in a booth and don't tell anybody about it. Throw the sticker away. Throw the sticker away.

I may be on my death bed and I wanted to bring you that message. Do what you want with it, just don't tell me.


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