Saturday, June 19, 2004

There was no fishing, there was no kayaking there was no fun in the sun. There were clouds. There was rain. There was a primeval battle between the elements and my soul. The rain came, the wind blew and I ran. I bunkered down in my new shades, plugged into the ipod and slipped into the Under Armour. I knew it was a battle with only one concievable conclusion. But my soul didn't care. It had a path and a purpose. I ran. Higher and higher. Up and up until I knew I had god's attention. The heavens fell. I craned my head back. "I am stronger than you think," my soul yelled to whatever was above. There was nothing that could stop me. The lightening crashed. It was time to return to earth. I turned around and let the water carry my. The mud tried to consume all. I struggled against it as I felt myself falling under. Just as I feared the worst, my origin was in sight.

Epic. I wonder if the hundreds upon hundres of Mustang enthusiasts with their turtle-waxed, chrome-plated, genital-compensating, noise-blaring automobiles who arrived for their gearhead convention saw me up there fighting for all mankind.? What is it they see when thier heads are under eachother's hoods? Why would they convene in a place like this? While I was here making a monumental stand, they were here with lawn chairs and bag lunches. I didn't make trouble. In fact, the only person making trouble was my 6 year old cousin. She wouldn't stop going a million miles an hour and the kid in me joined in right alongside her. Man it was fun. Lately a lot of people have been using the word rockstar. "hey rockstar," the TMG always replies when she hears it's me. My new boss now refers ot me as "the rockstar." I am definitely not a rockstar, but I think I have come a long way. Soetehing about letting go, confronting what I used to believe, about enjoying life and allowing myself to be released. About being strong in body and mind. I have definitely come a long way. not a rockstar yet. But maybe a rockstar in training.

Who is that crazy man sailing over the piano in that picture up top? Jamie Cullum bitches. I picked up his CD today and love the old jazz feel. It just makes me want to call up the TMG on a sunny sunday afternoon, invite her over, pop this disc in and just lie on the porch with her in my arms stareing up at the sky. It's that kind of musak. I also grabbed the debut album from Donavon Frankenreiter. He's on Jack johnson's label and sounds surprisingly similar;verdict is still out.

I am here because my grandfather is 75. I just wanted to give him a shoutout. He is an amazing soul and hasinfluenced who I am and who I want to become on a completely conscious level. He's the kindest man I know and his ability to simply listen makes even the coldest heart flicker just a little. His love for his family is heartwarming and his gentle nature makes me want to be a greater man. What he lacks in intelligence he makes up for in heart. I have both his heart and the smaahts of my mother's parents. Whicked smahts. Those two can be a vlatile combination but I use my grandfather as a model of how heart can keep you happy, healthy and loved at 75.

K, sappy moment of the week is finished.Angels and Deamons rocked my world today. I thought I had that book all figured out but damn, Dan Brown really represented at the end there. Way more so than in The Da'manwhenisthisgonnaend Code. Way to go DB. Now it's on to Life of Pi. Back home tomorrow. I get the place all to myself all of huly and part of august. what does that mean? Debauchery. Lots of it. I say that now but we'll see. Damn. Broke whatever rhythm I had going in this blog tonight. Stupid emotion. I'll blog again when my brain regains control. Just need to get shot down by a couple of chicks. that'll doo it. Too bad I'm so damn irresistable. Blogblogblogogogog.


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