Monday, June 21, 2004

There really is no such thing as too many chocolate strawberies. My day began with them at 9AM yesterday and ended with them at 1AM over 200 miles apart. Yesterday was dad's day which, in my family, is yet another excuse for consuming mass quantities of high quality food. The early brunch was no exception. I limited myself to french toast, blinces, eggs, fruit, cake, more french toast and lots of chocolate strwberries. score. I was stuffed, then I realized I had to work for the catering company that was nearly a 3 hour drive away. Shit. I was full and bloated and now I was sitting in a car flying down the two lane at 85.

Unfortunately I forget the gearhead convention of Mustang owners was still in town. As I was trying to make a speedy exit, a few of them had apparently decided to drag race outside of town. Surprise surprise, they crashed. Now I had to sit in traffic for 30 minutes. Wonderful. Late for work. 3 hours and 30 minutes later I Was at work. "you made quite theimpression on David (the owner) last week," they said. "that's because I'm a rockstar," I replied. "Didn't I put that on my resume?" Smooth. real smooth. I feel comfortable using that word to refer to myself more and more. Well either way, the boss man had told them to hook me up. They did. Small party. I was the youngest server rocking it hard. Huge tips. Thanks boss man. There was tons of food leftover from the wedding party (big surprise, it's sunday and people want to go to bed) including some scrumptions chocolate covered strawberries. I gorged myself once again. Gigady gigady gigady. What a weeekend. Sunglasses, Mustangs, rainy confrontations and chocolate strwberries.

Wait, who is that with the olympic torch? Could it be? No. No way. wait, it is. Thank god it's the summer torch. If that were the winter torch I wold cry.
I sent the TMG a message today: "things to do: 1. Go to the store 2. Start a new book. 3. Make it stop raining 4. Spend the Evening with [TMG's name] 5. Don't take no for an answer. Think you can help? " Her reply was shitty, "Doh. Can't come. Doing a bday dinner w/ stepdad tonight and tomorrow. Will be back in [awesoem town] weds. Don't feel bad. Haven't even seen roomate yet. Yikes!" Damn. the reason for being out of town is legit, but "don't feel bad. Haven't even seen roomate yet" is pretty harsh. Ya rush back and see you roomate first. hoe. It's been 3 weeks.

I told the G2K today that despite the fact we have talked a whole bunch, we haven't really said anything worth repeating. She was offended. I kind of wanted her to be. She called me out on friday over the phone. I asked if she ever booked the tickets she was talking about booking to come here. She said no. I asked why not. She replied that I had freaked out when she had told me about her plans so she decided not to. I did freak out. I like her 2k miles away. I haven't seen her face in nearly two years. I have changed a ton. I am not the same person. And something about her being 2k miles away means I never have to confront any sort of reality between us. She can be this mystic being of my imagination. She can really be whatever fantasy I want her to be. But if she comes here, I have to face the reality of who she is, what we have going between us and where to go from here. I would inevitably sabotage the relatinoship subconsciously. That's why I freaked. Plus, I want to go to NYC damn it!

After all this went down I watched Comedy central's 51 most sracastic bastards, or somethinglike that. My dream job would be a comedian who does all those clip shows. I would be brilliant on that show. I am damn good at insulting and making fun of people with a slight hint of self-deprication. The only reason anyone watched the countdow shows is to see who is #1. Then you get to yell at the TV, "WHAT! He doesn't even deserver to be in the top 10!" Then you turn off the TV with a bitter taste in your mouth. Best Week Ever. Now that is the kind of show that will rule the future. They even have their own blog . You go guys. I have been searching the blogospere today. Haven't found much I am sucked into. They all start ot feel the same after a while. Words bombarding my brain with opinions. I'll keep searching and when I find something I like, it's coming straight to you.


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