Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Stupid notebook computer. I bumped the network cord around and knocked soemthing loose. Now it has to be held in one stupid position to be online. And now my keyboard broke. Maybe god wishes me not to Blog. Maybe he had bigger plans for me. Maybe he just thinks I am hillarious when I get pissed off.

My new place backs up onto a street that is busier than I thought. I have to listen to cars all day long. It is stressful. But I can still ride my bike to work. I am not a hippie.

How come jewish guys never know how to talk to girls? I was watching some crazy movie last night which proved this point. I have also seen it and experienced it first hand. I think we are just genetically engineered to be completely akward around girls so that we spend more time making the $$.(and taking over the world right under the noses of you unwitting jesus-lovers, muwahaha!) I consider the fact that I had as many girlfriends as I've had a miracle. It doesn't matter how good looking you are, being a jew means you can't talk to girls. I just realized I have never actually dated a jewish girl. hmmm. all those goyem.

Fucking Tampa Bay lightening. Hockey is really the only sport of the big 4 (baseball, football, basketball and hockey) that I watch, and though Dave Andreychuck probably deserved it most, I really wanted to see Calgary go home with the Cup. Maybe it's that they're from the west. Maybe it's that they're from Canada. Maybe it's just because fucking florida shouldn't even have a hockey team. How many people in that state could even stay up late enough to watch the game before they needed to reapply some polydent so that when they were screaming because they couldn't see the puck on their giant TV their dentures don't fall out? Sorry. Congratulations Tampa. You won fair and square.

I think we are moving beyond the introductory stage of this blog into talking about way more meaningless subjects. I don't pretend to know what the hell went down in the 80's during the Regan administration like Tony because I really wasn't old enough care that the Berlin wall fell or the deficit exploded. When you're younger, you have a deep faith in the people of the world. There are so many people smarter than you and you assume that, after thousands and thousands of years, our civilization has figured out a brilliant and peaceful way to coexist. And slowly, as you realize what the world is truly like, it becomes terrifying. Nothing is certain.

Enter alcohol.
I'll think up more later.


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