Sunday, June 06, 2004

Soft Lips

Today I decided to take a self-guided tour around the blogosphere. Being a relatively new member, there was still plenty out there to explore and every writer must first be a reader. damn kids. I had a few thoughts. First, you all are crazy. I can't believe some of the stories, pictures, photologs, commentaries, pretty girls and oddities that I unearthed. Second, there are plenty of kick ass writers out there. You all are definitely representing and it scares me. I thought I might be able to make some kind of living with a pen and paper but with all of you around the bar has been raised. I just hope you don't realize it. I also found that there are a lot of young people who are realizing the brilliance of blogs and sharing them with their friends. I enjoy peeking into your lives and finding all to many people willing to post pictures of themselves and their friends for me to spy on. I mean c'mon, we are all kind of peeping toms when we read the blogs. That's why blogs are written. They're screaming, "HEY, come look at my life! give me some validation!" Everyone loves to feel validated so soon there will be so many blogs, that we will all get lost in the exponentially increasing virtual insanity of the blog. That's fine. I'm used to being lost.

So lets get lost. This weekend I was planning to move into yet another appt. due, in no small part, to the fact that I am currently residing with M, TMG's ex. Unfortunately today, the cat who resides at my new accomodations is having separating anxiety from my new room's previous occupant who left 2 days ago. the cat, having seniority, gets to stay in his room tonight and I was told I can't move until tomorrow. At the risk of offending some of you, I don't really like cats. I also don't not like cats. I am impartial. I think the cats are equally impartial with regards to me so we're even. Anyhow, tomorrow I will move.

Last night I got together with JG, The Hyphen and The Almighty Quinn and watched a much longer hockey game than I hoped to see. The NHL has clearly rigged the playoffs to go to 7 games in order to maximize the $$$ they get from beer companies trying to convince me that their light beer is superior in taste, carbs and patriotism. Here's a hint beer companies: Regardless of whether you are the king or president of beers, it is physically impossible for us to drink any more beer. We drink the maximum amount of beer 4 men can consume. Save your $$ or at least come up with something to make me laugh.

Last night I text messaged the TMG. Did I tell u that she didn't want to hang out until after she gets back from Tennessee next sat? I think she is regretful. Things shouldn't have gone down the way they did. Our timetable for a relationship to develop was a couple weeks longer but something that wasn't supposed to happen happened last tuesday night. I am stuck in the middle in a bad way. I think she has some issues with M still so, rather than call her, I sent a text message to test the water. Usually her replies are playful but last night she was pretty short and to the point. Maybe she's tires or maybe she feels stupid. I don't think I am going to write her again. We may be done. JG, the Hyphen and I went out for some sushi happy hour after the game and, after a lengthy discussion, decided that at this point in life, it's better to date a girl you kind of like rather then one you are head over heels for. I know that sounds bad but it does kinda make sense. I'd rather have some fun and not have that pain in my stomach every time she doesn't call or sends me a shitty text message. It's not worth it right now. I need a girl I don't have to call for 2 weeks and she doesn't mind and when I call to tell her I was really busy she just says, "ya, me too". I like the TMG too much. It scares me. Maybe she is scared too. I think maybe she likes me too much. That would be sad if it ended because there was so many feelings it hurt.

The universe works in mysterious ways. JG, The Hyphen and I had left the sushi bar and were walking home via the ped mall when this group of 4 girls approached us. They were on a scavenger hunt and needed one of them to kiss a stranger on the lips. Of course, my friends knew I was thinking to hard about boy girl thing so they offered me up. "This kid needs a good kiss" JG said and thrust me forward. The girl was mildly attractiv but she had big lips and I was not one to say no to a good old scavenger hunt. We kissed just long enough for the camera to snap a shot of proof (about 3 seconds) and just long enough for me to realize this girl had the softest lips I had ever felt. I wasn't getting a hard-on or anything, It was just surprising. And awkward. There was a moment of awkwardness I think about 2 seconds in when we both realized we were kind of enjoying it. Why am I telling you this? I dunno. Sometimes we all have moments we don't expect. Anyhow, we went home, I got a call from the G2K and that was that. What next? I'll forget the TMG, the cat will chill out, I will move, the Stanley Cup will be awarded, the G2K will still be 2K miles away the blogosphere will consume the entire internet, GW will fuck our country up some more, JG will still be a republican, Bud will still be the king of beer, I will still be superpowerless and all that while the girl on the mall will still have the softest lips. Until tomorrow.


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