Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Say it with me folks: Nuclear. Let's sound it out. noo-cleee-ar. Now about 40% of you are too stupid to realize you are saying nucular. Let's sound that one out: nook-yoo-lar. Hear the difference? Once more time. nuclear. noo-clee-ar is right. nook-yoo-lar is wrong. Alright, maybe you're saying "I know how to say nuclear you idiot" and maybe you're saying, "wow I can't believe I have pronounced that word wrong my entire life" but either way you know the right pronunciation, which now automatically qualifies you as having a better vocabulary than the President of The United States. I finally saw Fuck You 9/11 last night. I don't want to comment on it except to say that you should check it out because, despite the claims that the US media is become more controlled, regulated and conglomerated, I believe that our media is entering a new age of enlightenment. Where a liberal from Flint, Michigan can make a movie that portrays the President as a bumbling buffoon, where we can get footage from media sources around the world and where everyone can surf the web and find hundreds or thousands of people who agree with their perspective no matter how obscure. Going to see 9/11 isn't saying "fuck you" to president Bush or to the White House staff or to the US government. It's saying fuck you to the system. Fuck you for hiding shit from us since the inception of media. Fuck you for thinking you get to decide what the American people should and shouldn't see. You have to go see this movie, not because it's changing the presidential race, not because it purveys any higher truth but because it's changing the future of the media and the future of our world.

Or you can just go see spiderman. A movie about a boy with superpowers. A subject near and dear to my heart. It's also just about a boy who loves a girl. And about how shitty it can sometimes feel to be in love. I, for one, haven't been in love in a long time. I can relate to PP because I was on the road so much, traveling from place to place and so consumed by my own quest I couldn't let myself be in love. And one day I threw it all down because I knew it couldn't last forever. So we'll see what happens to Spiderman. But my love life is on the verge of a boom. The TMG replied to my e-mail. She said, I was dead on in guessing that what had happened between us. We were in two different places. She was closing up shop, getting ready to say goodbye, and had absolutely no desire to be tied down. I, however, just returned from a long stint of isolation and just can't wait to get tied down. (yokes, that sounds naughty). So we were meant to go our own separate ways. And the G2K was meant to come out this way. And really I'm just going in circles. So what can I do? Stop moving. Maybe if I stop moving I can't be moving in circles.


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