Monday, June 14, 2004

Over the past couple of days at least 4 or 5 peope I know have found the truth blog. They stumbled up it either by my hinting at its presence or because I just gave them the address. Most of their reaction, "why? Why the hell would you put all this stuff on the internet? Why do you want to write about your friends without them knowing and tell your life to everyone else?" I think they are missing my first and fundamental reason for blogging: it's not for you it's for me! I don't care if anyone reads this crap-yes, most of it is very much crap- I am writing because I want to write, because I don't have great penmanship and because I don't have MS word either. If you read my blog, you won't know me, you will know someone like me. He is my character, traveling through this shit I navigate everyday. This blog is not about friends or about relationships or about work, it's about myself. Or a percieved self. Or a self I would like to be. Or maybe a self I think is just a bit funnier. If I didn't have to include anyone else I wouldn't, but it's essential to understanding my character. So friends, come if you must, read if you want, laugh if you can but don't judge. I am going to keep writing as if I didn't know you were visiting. And you other 2 poor suckers who ended up here by accident, my condolences.

I am sadened to read about Tony P's recent arthritis problems. He is a champion of untruth and a beacon of light shining bright over the blogoshere. I was just beginning to be acquainted with the naunces of his blog and I hope he recovers to give me something to strive for. I wonder if he'll feel empty and sad for a while. I wonder if blogging was his superpower. I wonder if he'll have to settle. I hope not.

Don't have much to lay on you today. I haven't allowed myself out of the appt. yet. I can't write about the world I dont' see. I can tell you about life inside my appartment. The cat and I have come to a certain understanding. You could even say we've bonded. I am not a cat person and he is not a person cat and I think that in our obstinant disdain, we found some common ground. With the exception of a bird named Howie, I have maintained cordial reltionships with most members of the animal kingdom. My 12 year old carnival goldfish became so attached that when I finally left town for an extended period, he no longer had a reason to live. Sad, but true.

It's monday and I'll I can think about is getting out of town at the end of the week. my brain is fried from inactivity. The future me will pray for dead time like this. The present me curses it. Blogging takes endurence. Blogging takes strength. Blogging takes neuroticism. Blogging takes your soul.


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