Friday, June 18, 2004

Not rain nor sleet nor snow nor luxury vacation

When does blogging become a problem? When you leave town and you still want to blog. It's a curse, the blogging is. But I'm here. And you're here. And I can't hear. Lets get this started.

Damn, I had a good night with JG and The Almighty Quinn on the town before JG leaves to return to the service. The AQ was on the hunt last night, which, for him, is surprisingly unusual. He wasn't successful. Me, I am still searching for a girl who doesn't make my stomach tingle. The TMG is good at making it tingle. Unfortunately I haven't seen her in almost three weeks. Damn, that's some bullshit. I almost told the AQ when I was drinking last night. I didn't. I hinted at it though. JG is in love. Giddyup JG, prove us all wrong.

Today the super cool magazine represented big. They're going to publish one of my recent ramblings sometime this fall. If that wasn't enough, a promo package full of Oakley glasses landed on my desk. They just made it back from a photo shoot so I helped myself to a nice $200 pair on the house. Thanks super cool mag. Then I jumped in the car, filled the 6 CD changer and put the pedal to the metal. Now the Sub is not the coolest car, but around here it gets the job done. 3 hours later I was rocking it in my suite at the giant hotel (albeit with my family) and that is where I sit, surrounded by family, watching Marx Brothers Classics and blogogogoging. Wait, just went to the oakley homepage. I guess These babies are actually worth $300. Maybe I need to make a trip to e-bay. gigagdy gigady gigady. I want to meet a girl here. forget about the TMG. At least she can't text message me. No service. Do you know what's going down in the world? Blogs are ending. People are laughing. I am chilaxing. You are not reading my blog. TMG is ignoring me. The G2K is depressed. (she tried to make herself sick at work so she could leave early. sad. apparently raw eggs didn't do the trick ) All the while I am too lazy to post pictures. ahhhhh. Timed internet. ahhhh. clock is ticking. Speed blogging. No time for spell check. No time for thoughts, no time for pictures. No time for fun ;-(Yikes. Shitty. Maybe I just spent way too much time watching the beautiful blog princess . Whoops. Gotta fly. Tomorrow, fishing, movies, more speed blogging.


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