Wednesday, June 02, 2004

My life is not a soap opera

Or at least it wasn't. I promise. Then I moved out of my not so quaint little mountain town and back to reality. You see, for the last 7 years I was lost in my mountain adventure. I didn't live in the mountains all that time but my activity kept me out of trouble and out of harm's way. Now I have nothing holding me back. That's why last night I went to the bar to meet my new roomie (TMG's ex) for a few drinks before I moved in. What a coincidence, TMG was there. I talked with him, I talked with her and I broke to her the news that I was going to be staying with him for a while. (strangely enough, he and I look eerily alike). Anyways, him and I made a quick exit to unpack my stuff when TMG sent me a message telling her I had to meet her at the piano bar before the night ended. Check.

Cut to dueling piano bar. There is no longer any shadow of doubt with the TMG. She likes me. She wants me. Shit. We drink, I attempt to dance and when the time came to close, I walked her home. We couldn't go past my place so we went right to hers.

The thing is, I don't konw TMG that well so we laid on the couch talking. It was an uncomfotable couch so when she suggested we head to her bedroom, my back couldn't argue. Despite the lack of real chase, I enjoyed myself. You see, all year in the mountain town I was driven enough to keep myself completely under control and sleeping in my own bed alone. I have this disgusting ability to make girls fall in love with me too quickly and I watched it happen last night with the TMG faster than usual. I'm not being cocky, I'm just being honest. Look, don't argue with me, I'm not saying she fell hopelessly in love with me right then and there. I'm just saying sometimes when you lok at her and you want her to be thinking nasty things she is thinking marriage, car, house, retirement and a double cemetary plot. It scared me but we were still in the bliss zone so I rolled with it. I also rolled to work with 3 hours sleep today. yikes. I called the TMG to tell her I wanted to see her this afternoon before she leaves tomorrow for a 10 day trip to TN but she refused, citing that until I moved out of my current living situation we were "on hold". She ruined the free movie weekend. So welcome to my life after secret mountain activity. Up and down emotions and love triangles with a chance of showers. Maybe I can give you some more back story tomorrow. Maybe not.


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