Monday, June 07, 2004

Last night was Sunday night and, after a day of doing very little, I thought, "why not sit on my ass and watch a movie?" I wanted soemthing good so I wrangled up Good Will Hunting, definitely in the running for my favorite movie list,from a friend. First, don't ever watch that movie on TV. It's a brilliant flick and without the colorful Boston language it just isn't the same. Also, don't jump in partway. The movie's going to have an affect on you if you get involved at the start. Tuning in just as Robin Williams is hugging Matt Damon doesn't count. The craziest thing about the movie that hit me last night was a speach Will gives to the NSA guys about why he refuses to be a code-cracker. (about an hour and 33 minutes in, if you wanna check it out). His speach covers foreign wars, job outsourcing, oil prices and retarded presidents in a brilliant way. It's way ahead of its time and both more pertinant and funnier today. If there is one part of the movie you can watch without having to watch the whole thing, it's that speach. you have my permission.You can also go HERE and scroll most of the way down ff you want to read it right now.(DO IT!)

Went to the store to get some milk this morning. There is clearly a dairy conspiracy. Why is the milk always in the back? It's because they know you came just for the milk but if you have to walk by everything else there is no way to avoid being distracted. I am a chump so I bought some raspberries. I also find it insane that milk has its entire own marketing campaign based around Got Milk? and the strength of my bones. How about, "got pesticide residue and artificial hormones? If you are one of those people who drinks milk like water, congratulations, you are ensuring that the rest of us won't have to worry about finding nice florida townhomes or breathing our air when we are retired.

G2K IM'd me today. "Big Problems. We need to chat. I'm calling you this afternoon." Still waiting for the IM, "what a wonderful day I just had, can I call you and tell u about it?" I don't think people's minds work that way back east. Apparently everyone is talking about basketball and not about hockey despite the fact that tonight, the Stanley Cup will be awarded. Granted, no one gives a Fuck about Calgary and even less of a fuck about Tampa Bay but c'mon, it's the Stanley Cup. These guys actually work for their living while the Lakers are on easy street. Half the people watching the Lakers game are just waiting to see what famous celeb is sitting in the front row anyhow and probably hoping to see one of them picking their nose. I would be deathly afraid of picking my nose if I were famous. Or when I am famous.

I "borrowed" the newish Dave Matthews solo CD some Devil and it definitely got me all chilled out. I never understood those people who absolutely HATE Dave Matthews. I am in no way a huge Dave fan and have never gone to one of his concerts but I can enjoy it every once in a while. It's relaxing. Granted a lot of it does sound the same but I'm not saying go out and buy all his CD's. I sure didn't. I just want to say to those people who hate dave, "so you must be really uptight because all listening to Dave Matthews does is help you relax. Do you never relax? Is it possible for u to listen to punk rock and heavy metal 24 hours a day?" Is that unreasonable? You can dislike Dave but if you hate him you need to reevaluate your stance on life.

I am officially moved into the new pad. Now when the TMG comes back and says, "that was just a one night thing and I don't really want to see you anymore"I can at least say I no longer live with her ex. I haven't called her yet. I was thinking about doing soething EDish(please tell me you saw Ed before it ended) like buy a little foot keychain and leave a note for when she gets back like, "I think we got off on the wrong foot." Cheesy, I know, but don't girls like that kind of thing? If there are any girls reading, could you help a brother out?

I am getting lazier. I am getting addicted to blogging. I am starting to settle. Soon things will be upside down.


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