Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Kaboom! Bombshell in my brain. Politics make me angry. Politics make me sad. Politics make me yell at my TV screen. Yelling at the TV screen scares the cat. Basketball makes me fall asleep. Sorry LA. Apparently Kobe is a rapist AND a ball-hog.

Michael Moore. He is not a seuth-sayer. He's an entertainer. Now there is a criminal investigation. Apparently he acquired some footage of prisoner abuse in Iraq that was shot all the way back in December. What did he do with this footage? He sat on it. Now there is a fucking criminal investigation into whether or not he should be accountable for not revealing this information. Now before we get into this entire mind fuck, lets talk about the first amendment. Freedom of speech, bitches. You can say whatever you damn well please about whoever you please. You can also NOT say whatever you want. So let's get this straight: First, Michael Moore uses his first amendment right, attacks Curious George and his administration, and they want his head on a pike. Now, a man who is already feared and distrusted by a surprising amount of conservative Americans withholds incriminating footage of prisoner abuse and... They want his head on a pike. If Michael Moore had broken the prisoner abuse scandal, do you even think anyone would have taken his ass seriously? "the crazy liberal is attacking the army in Iraq? How unpatriotic! We should ship his ass over there. He probably made the whole thing up anyways." Yes people, this is crazy twisted logic that has somehow come to represent our American political system. Was some stuff in Bowling for Columbine created for entertainment? Yes. The point was not to for you to think his examples were necessarily wrong. It was to take your mind outside the box. I think Michael Moore is a fanatic and a bit of a looney. Don't give him political power, but if you silence him and brush him aside, you're a terrorist. If you think America is perfect the way it is you are missing THE POINT OF DEMOCRACY.

Clinton's new book comes out soonish. (today maybe?)I am actually angry with Bill. He had sex with Monica. Now we can't have any presidential candidates with even a remote bit of charisma. Ladies like the charisma, you see. So by definition, a great leader is a ladies man. Maybe Bill's personal morals were iffy, but his social morals were impeccable. It's all about who's lens you are looking through I suppose. Lately I have enjoyed looking through Dennis Miller's lens on MSNBC. One minute you're taking him ridiculously seriously and the next he is falling out of chair in a slapstick sleep joke. That's news.

In more important news, the TMG and I finally talked last night. Lets review at this point just so it's clear. My cell phone dialed her from my pocket on accident multiple times. I just happened to move into her ex-boyfriends apartment before I even knew he was her ex. I called her and asked her about pudding on a whim and she was making pudding. (k that one sounds lame but it was significant at the time) Now, apparently we were both at the same overnight camp at the same time when we were about 10. Fucking signs. I hate signs. So what decision did we come to last night? None. We just talked. It was nice. We hadn't really done that yet. It was fun. We learned a little about each other. Then I said I hated talking about the hard shit over the phone. She said " then don't." Tonight we're going to get together I hope. Later. Not like last time. Dunno what's going to happen yet. Let's of issues. I have dealt with issues. They can bring you down. On top of that G2K wants to book a.......Hold up. Call from the TMG while I blog. Once again, she cannot catch up with me tonight. Jesus. sooo getting played. I just joked, "maybe I won't even have to talk to you about anything because I will just never see you again since you're so busy." Damn it. Wished I hadn't of said that one. It had to be said though It's been 2 weeks. Back to the G2K. She is ready to book a ticket out here. I am trying to stall 'till I can figure out the TMG mess. Did I mention the AQ is now not only working with the TMG but riding the bus there and back with her everyday? Ya, well he is. Somewhere here we are going to hit the bottom of this hole. I Am sure of it. Right now, however, we just keep going deeper and deeper. Luckily I get to skip town in 2 days. It would be easy to run away. I know from experience. There is always the eject button. But I've learned a trick or two. I can get this thing under control. Fuck the button. If this flight is going down, it's taking me with it.


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