Sunday, June 06, 2004

K, so it's a slow day and for some reason there is not a shortage of things to say. I was out and about for a while enjoying the summer but once I returned the battle between Sete Gibernau and Valentino Rossi sucked me in. Marco Mlandri might be a guy to watch as well. do you know what it's like to go from 210 mph to 60 mph in under 4 seconds while skimming inches of the ground? Neither do I. that's why I need a ride.(and the seeds of superpowers are planted once again) I should have been born Italian. It would have worked out a lot better for me. The sports, the language, the ladies. viva Italia.

I decided today I need to live the high life at some point soon. I'm got to live in L.A. or NYC for at least a year. Maybe a year each. It's inevitable. There's just something about living at the center of it all. My friend told me the other day that there'sw going to be a really big earthquake in CA before this September so I don't think I'll be going out there any time soon. Of course NYC is never free of danger. It's a risk I'm willing to take. I'm talking about living the high life but inside my head I'm still wondering what 210 mph feels like on 2 wheels. Actually, I more curious what the g-force feels like on a 60 mph turn with my knee on the ground. I guess it's a testosterone thing.

I'm a little sad because I think I'm losing Lindsay. Ever since she was on SNL things haven't been quite the same and now that the MTV Movie Awards are close, she doesn't have any time to spend with me anymore. I guess it's better that way right now. I have been taking a lot of flack lately because everyone says she got implants. It's true. but we go back way back way before that so chill mamas. As long as Ashton doesn't try anything at the awards there's no problem. Fuck. Rain delay in the motoGP. Bust out the rain tires. Here we go. Moto GP in the rain. Now that is actually, certifiably insane. Anyone who can help me either learn to race superbikes or live the NYC/LA high life should definitely give me a shout out. Lates
P.S. I might have to change my name here because I'm afraid of the sensitive material contained within. if anyone at work, friends or family stumble accross this blog, it would be pretty obvious to them who this sad blogger is. Point is, if the name changes, don't worry, it will still be me.


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