Saturday, June 12, 2004

I was moonlighting it after work last night. MAgazine doesn't pay the bills. Not yet at least. I used to work for a rediculously high class catering company where we did rediculously high class parties in the city. Now I work for a little operation where it's more laid back, more fun, less work and more $$$. Go figure.

Tonight I work again to pay for The Hyphen's birthday on Thursday night. The Hyphen, JG, The Almighty Quinn, and I took a night on the town. You see, all 4 of us go back a long long time and we rarely get the chance to all be in the same place at the same time. It was a historic and nostalgic moment. All four of us, sitting in a bar, talking about how far we all al come. It is amazing. Well, we then proceeded to make sure Sean got too drunk to even think straight. It only took a margarita, 2 car bombs, 3 beers, one G&T a long island iced tea, and some other drink that I couldn't even name. Giddyup. I had to call it a night after last call to get a few hours sleep before my magazine/catering double headed but from what I heard the Hyphen may or may not have gotten so drunk he had no control over his bodily functions. haha, ewww.

I think the TMG is back in town, or at least will be tomorrow. Haven't had any contact with her in exactly a week now. Standard bull shit. If you scrool down the text messages in my phone they reveal the breakdown. the most recent ones are all G2K, G2K G2K, then a ton of, TMG, TMG, TMG and then before we even got started back to G2K. I heard on the news a few days ago that the phone companies often save all the text messages that are sent. I'm not worried. All the phone company will thnik is that I'm a player. I'm not.

I want to write about politics and science and love and a little about family and then I want to spell check this blog. I want to talk about it all and then I want you to talk back. But I'm tired. My back says no, my hands say no, I'm working for 12 hours straight in 40 minutes. I need to get in the zone. Where your body and your midn start to disconnect. I learned how to do it working 16 hour days for a few weeks in a salmon plant in NOWHERE Alaska. I'm going there. When my head reconnects with my hand, I'll reconnect with you.


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