Tuesday, June 08, 2004

I have to admit that when someone does something stupid, I usually take the initiative to voice what my opinion. I am in no way a genius but I was blessed with an uncanny amount of common sense. I think that's why all the geniuses keep me around. So today, when this guy made it all the way through the grocery store, bought $60 worth of food, loaded it all on the conveyor and lets the clerk scan it all before realizing he DOESN'T HAVE HIS WALLET, I was on the verge of a meltdown. When I realized that that asshole holding up the line was me, it didn't help the situation any. I suppose all of us have our moments.
I don't live in Hollywood. I don't watch too much TV. Even still, the internet giants have decied they must make sure I know that David Hasselhole was arrested for a DUI and J. No-not with a ten foot pole- got married. If Mark Anthony takes her far away will I still have to see her face? I am also getting bombarded by ads that Along Came Polly comes out on DV today. You can base the quality of a movie on how many ads are run to cram it down your throat. I was forced to watch this movie on the plane back from Atlantaa few weeks ago. Unfortunately the plane was still on the ground as, in the middle of taking off, the pilot threw on the brakes because the reverse thrust door had opened. Fucking Delta. That scared me shitless. At least we weren't flying out if Boston where the end of the runway is the bay. I love boston but that is one crazy location for an airport. I remember entire days I spent just walking the streets of that city. Luckily I have only been there in the spring and fall so I have fond memories.

I was thinking about submitting an audblog For Tony's big contest. I need to come up with something good and I'm not feeling that motivated.

G2K wants me to come to Italy with her in August. I dunno if she wants me too but she told me I should. If only I had the $$$$. She wants to come here, I want to go there and we both want to go to Italy. Sadly I know none of the three ideas will ever come to fruition.

Apparently my rant about the people in Tampa Bay not being able to stay up for the hockey game last night wasn't too far off. I guess the Tampa Tribune wrote two editorials, one ifthe Lightening won and another if they lost Clearly the game was past their bedtime. Unofrtunately, the editorial that had Tampa losing made its way into a couple thousand papers while everyone was asleep dreaming about the early bird special that would wake them up at 3AM to run to the john. smooth move ex-lax.

Don't feel like checking my spelling. Time to watch my girlfriend on Leno.


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