Wednesday, June 09, 2004


Today is The Hyphen's Birthday!! Sadly, he does not know about my blog as it is a highly classified secret. I cannot release the address to my friends for fear that they might be targeted. Happy B-day buddy! The Hyphen is my oldest remaining friend (we go back to actime when our mom's dressed us both in T-shirts 2 sizes too big and shorts 2 sizes too short) and that fact manifests itself in strange ways. Our wits are equally dull and our cinicism unparalleled. Tomorrow night I'm taking him out for some big fun in Crazytown.

Fun is a subjective word. For my 4 and 6 year old cousins who spent the morning with me, the pinnacle of fun is reached when you roll down the grassy hill enough times your brain is ready for a vacation on Bush's Texas Ranch. For them, fun means...well, it just means fun. For me these days fun has taken on a whole new connotation. usual fun comes with wicked hangovers, heart stopping Visa bills and unfamiliar sleeping quarters. Since I have had none of these this week, there must not have been much fun had.

Now I am going to give props to AOL. Yes, you are greedy bastards and no, I don't know what you do with all of the money you get and yes, you may even be a part of the corporation that owns the Super Cool Magazine, but in my life, the greatest invention has been the instant messenger. After the inception of the IM evolved the IM romance. The ability to keep in daily contact with a girl, say, 2000 miles away. There is also the IM hookup. Too shy to call up the girl and ask for a booty call? IM her. Trust me, it can be done.
ME: what's up
ME:can I come over?
ME: guess
Her:play scrable?
ME: only if I have to find the letters first
Her: I'm hiding them as we speak ;-)
ME: see ya in a sec

I saved that IM conversation from about a year ago because it is too classic. Seriously, that's how easy it became. AIM is amazing. Anyone who says otherwise doesn't know how to rock out with his cock out.
One word. Eurotrip. Those Hollywood guys know exactly how much sex to throw at you and they know the sooner the better. It's an amazing flick. Makes me want to backpack Europe. My buddy Tank is bumming around eastern Europe as we speak and offered an open invite. Combine that with a trip to Italy with the G2K and my life might be complete. Unfortunately there is no $$$. The movie also reaffirmed the fact that I love redheaded girls. The main girl in the movie who used to be the little buffy sister is smoking. I don't know why someone like me-with dark hair, dark eyes and tan skin- is attracted to the light skinned, red haired, blueu eyed, freckled girls but I fell sorry for my kids who will end up looking like some crazt half-breeds. Out for a run... a run for fun.


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