Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Finding me watching the Oxygen women's network is about as rare as ....... wow, sad, can't think of anything.(unless it's late at night and they're running their soft-core, chick-oriented porn) But when I flipped past today and found a familiar face, I couldn't resist indulging myself. Oprah After The Show opened up the floor to Bill Clinton to field questinos from the audience. And they address him less like a president and more like a man. And that's how I saw him. Not a concoction of speach-writing, string-pulling and PR-hyping, just a man. One with a great soul, with convictions and with a heart-felt desire to do good. The audience was simply mesmerized by his mere presence. He has a power and an aura all his own. Why did Clinton bring out his book at this particular juncture? I hope it was to subtly, quietly remind us. Oh yes, this is what presidency and executive politics are about. This is what it means to lead. This is what it means to touch greatness. This is also the same reason Reagan's funeral became such an ordeal. Though I didn't agree with much of what he did, he too held an air of greatness. Slowly, subtly the media is running a guerilla campaign. They're reminding us what it means to be a leader.

Bill made two comments that stuck with me. First, when asked about terrorist, he explaine dthat since the beginning of man people have always moved through three stages which, as a disciple of anthropology I can attest to: First comes isolation. We are alone, we want to be along and we function as a single unit. Eventually we get to interconnectivity. People begin to rationalize the usefulness of depending on one another, but no on a completely secure and harmonious basis. Finally, we arrive at Community. Community is just a solidified interconnectivity where people are satisfied with the connections and come to rely on them without falter or doubt. Right now, the entire world is at the second stage. We are all interconnected but no one is sure of relying completely on one another as a community. At some point that age will come. The age of a global community. And we all need to work towards this, not against it.

The later point Billy made came down hard on the election. As we rev up towards November, the truth of the matter is the politicians want us thinking about everything besides what we are voting. BC assures us that the campaigns would have our minds clouded with the least important issues. But it's our job as the people to be active. To realize the implication this decision on our own lives, on our neighbor's lives, on our country and on the interconnected World. Won't it be funny when Bush just gets burred? I mean, if the dems had picked anyone with real charisma, the election would already be over. Kerry's biggest opposition is himself. But Bush has practice with royaly fucking himself. He's still giving Kerry a fighting chance. If I could elect BC again knowing he would pull more Monica Lewinski on a monthly basis? In a second.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i met Bubba on his first campaign for president in San Francisco
he was dynamic and inspiring and made me feel like a patriotic citizen
he came over to say hello and i thrust both of my hands out palm first and hit him on the chest a little too hard and felt his bullet proof vest under his suit
it was weird and great
thanks for the link

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