Friday, May 28, 2004


Alright, first of all my blog has no official association with the truth.

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Ok, so today I woke up after little Calvin's friends came over and made quite a mess out of the shack last night. Work at The Super Cool Magazine was surprisingly unstimulating today, which paired perfectly with my wicked hangover. This, plus the fact that the cute but questionably bisexual girl (QBG) did not spend 20 minutes at my desk talking about all our co-workers who rocked it old school. Got off at one and came home to start my blog rather than commit the horrible sin of blogging from work.I guess we all make mistakes. I can't blame her though, I mean who doesn't love to run around with multiple partners, some of whom are subsizing your living costs.

Tonight I was supposed to go back to hold down the old fort but instead I'm going out on the town with the Almighty Quinn (The AQ) to party like a Rock Star. This, on the advice of the girl who lives 2000 miles away (G2K). She told me that I needed to go talk with some "live girls". I told her she sounded like a phone sex ad. Alright gotta go find a new abode.


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