Sunday, May 30, 2004

Power to the people!

More akwardness. Why must the text message girl insist on bringing both myself and The Almighty Quinn over at the same time to see a flick? It was scandalous that she deftly sat down right in the middle of the couch and had us streched out on either side. This is not the first time that the AQ and I have have clashes over the root of all evil. I just found out a few days ago that the last girl we fought over is now at the bastion of west coast knowledge dating another girl. Scouts honor. So a 2 hour luch/movie threesome suddenly lasted until 10 at night when I realized that I had to go hold down the old fort so I hit the road.

Luckily the hyphen was here to meet me and so, we proceeded to catch up on life while simultaneously getting sick on cherries and watching my favorite channel. Unfortunately, there was no motoGP on but I made due. After we wasted the night away alcohol free, I slept in today until terrible dreams woke me. My nightmare included my grandmother, a movie star I have been gaga for since she was 10, and one akward introduction. It's a shame to see what the entertainment industry can do to good people.

Alright, well JG is also in town and he told me we are rolling to a sporting event that I would never go to on my own. If he wears his Naval academy uniform we might meet some ladies. We might meet 'em anyways What am I going to do when the TMG or the G2K stumble onto this site? Or any of my friends fo rthat matter. I'll keep you informed until they do.


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