Saturday, May 29, 2004

Last night The Almighty Quinn arrived at The Shack already halfway there. I obliged to take him the rest of the way so we hit the road, picked up the Text Message Girl and headed for the best rooftop bar in town. The bartender was all to willing to divulge that the $5 triples were "in da house" which in retrospect I think meant they were the best deal of the night but that got lost in translation.

Where's the drama? Well as it turns out, both AQ and I had a little tingly feeling in our stomachs for the Text Message Girl. Why is she the text message girl? Well during my super cool sports activity the phone in my pocket would send her blank text messages until she one day called me and told me to turn my damn phone off while I'm sporting.
More hooligans showed up on the rooftop, including but not limited to some KKG's and PKP's and before I knew it I was drinking with my long lost twin and debating the structural integrity of the building on top of which we were standing. Sadly my twins name and the name I kept calling him only shared the first 3 letters but it didn't stop him from buying the next few rounds and introducing m to all his ex's. By the end of the night, I had lost the TMG, sent her some other text messages and made it home by means unknown.

When I finally arose the next day, the TMG and The AQ came over together(awkward!) and we went for some solid hangover food.. Even more awkward because she was definitely into me last night and not him.(wink wink) Oh, and apparently her and my LLT went out for like a year as well. Things are getting a little deeper. If you think I am lying already then you will not believe that my twin called and offered me a free room his place because I am getting kicked out of The Shack on tuesday. Scouts honor kids, scouts honor. Now I think the AQ TMG and I are going to catcha flick. Not my kind of threesome but sometimes you gotta make do. Oh and my guitar has managed to wander off. I guess this means the weekend will be spent with my book instead. Don't worry, more to come.


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