Monday, May 31, 2004

Air America. Are you listening? If you're not then either you are a republican or you’re a bad democrat. All I’m saying is there’s plenty of blatantly conservative media and mainly subtle liberal media. This was all triggered when I went out with JG, who happens to attend a certain conservative military schooland shares all the views of the stereotypes associated with it. Now I don't want this blog to be a platform from which to preach my own political commentary -I'll bet here you expected me to say "but...." and turn it into one..NO!- I'm not doing it. All I want to say is JG and I are still friends despite our clashing ideologies. I mean, some people are just beyond help. It’s only because we are friends from the HV303. We go back to when we were students at the elementary school where his girlfriend now teaches (what man doesn't fantasize about that?)

We spent yesterday afternoon catching up with each other while pretending to watch the sporting event. Apparently the tingly feelings are really strong for this teacher and that scares me. I don't want my friend to feel these things yet. Hell, I haven't felt an real tingly tings since senior year of high school. The Mountain Girl floored me. If our relationship was a car then I realized that I was driving the whole time and she was asleep in the passenger seat. I started grinding the clutch to wake her up but it had no affect. Finally I bailed out of the car going 50 down the interstate and though it hurt when I hit the ground, it was better than that brick wall we were heading towards.

Back from the tangant. After the longest game ever, we rolled to the Old Fort to regroup decided to head back downtown for late night. We hit a few different hot spots, including the legendary Purple Martini, and though I decided to take it easy, JG went straight for the Long Island's. Mid-drink I got a call from the G2K and followed it right up by sending a text message to the Text Massage Girl inviting her to watch the hockey game with us today. I haven't heard back yet.

I stayed sober enough to legally drive home and my sleep was haunted (or blessed) by another dream about the beautiful movie star last night. This time I think we were somewhere in New Mexico. What would Freud think about this? It's getting kinda creepy, especially since I haven't seen any of her movies. I'm just telling her this now so she can file a restraining order before it becomes an issue. I apologize to the TMG and to the G2K for cheating on them with Lindsay Lohan. I am also sorry that all of this will probably lead me to having two girls fall depressingly in love with me and also because I know I will fuck it up for both of them eventually. I'm sorry. that's ok, Lindsay always takes me back

Alright, I'm off to enjoy another day of freedom thanks to everyone who has served to protect my country (JG would like to hear me say that). If you know Lindsay Lohan's # you should give her a shout out for me. Oh, and you gotta check out Tony Pierce’s hilarious busblog. More fun to come.

Sunday, May 30, 2004

Power to the people!

More akwardness. Why must the text message girl insist on bringing both myself and The Almighty Quinn over at the same time to see a flick? It was scandalous that she deftly sat down right in the middle of the couch and had us streched out on either side. This is not the first time that the AQ and I have have clashes over the root of all evil. I just found out a few days ago that the last girl we fought over is now at the bastion of west coast knowledge dating another girl. Scouts honor. So a 2 hour luch/movie threesome suddenly lasted until 10 at night when I realized that I had to go hold down the old fort so I hit the road.

Luckily the hyphen was here to meet me and so, we proceeded to catch up on life while simultaneously getting sick on cherries and watching my favorite channel. Unfortunately, there was no motoGP on but I made due. After we wasted the night away alcohol free, I slept in today until terrible dreams woke me. My nightmare included my grandmother, a movie star I have been gaga for since she was 10, and one akward introduction. It's a shame to see what the entertainment industry can do to good people.

Alright, well JG is also in town and he told me we are rolling to a sporting event that I would never go to on my own. If he wears his Naval academy uniform we might meet some ladies. We might meet 'em anyways What am I going to do when the TMG or the G2K stumble onto this site? Or any of my friends fo rthat matter. I'll keep you informed until they do.

Saturday, May 29, 2004

Last night The Almighty Quinn arrived at The Shack already halfway there. I obliged to take him the rest of the way so we hit the road, picked up the Text Message Girl and headed for the best rooftop bar in town. The bartender was all to willing to divulge that the $5 triples were "in da house" which in retrospect I think meant they were the best deal of the night but that got lost in translation.

Where's the drama? Well as it turns out, both AQ and I had a little tingly feeling in our stomachs for the Text Message Girl. Why is she the text message girl? Well during my super cool sports activity the phone in my pocket would send her blank text messages until she one day called me and told me to turn my damn phone off while I'm sporting.
More hooligans showed up on the rooftop, including but not limited to some KKG's and PKP's and before I knew it I was drinking with my long lost twin and debating the structural integrity of the building on top of which we were standing. Sadly my twins name and the name I kept calling him only shared the first 3 letters but it didn't stop him from buying the next few rounds and introducing m to all his ex's. By the end of the night, I had lost the TMG, sent her some other text messages and made it home by means unknown.

When I finally arose the next day, the TMG and The AQ came over together(awkward!) and we went for some solid hangover food.. Even more awkward because she was definitely into me last night and not him.(wink wink) Oh, and apparently her and my LLT went out for like a year as well. Things are getting a little deeper. If you think I am lying already then you will not believe that my twin called and offered me a free room his place because I am getting kicked out of The Shack on tuesday. Scouts honor kids, scouts honor. Now I think the AQ TMG and I are going to catcha flick. Not my kind of threesome but sometimes you gotta make do. Oh and my guitar has managed to wander off. I guess this means the weekend will be spent with my book instead. Don't worry, more to come.

Friday, May 28, 2004


Alright, first of all my blog has no official association with the truth.

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Ok, so today I woke up after little Calvin's friends came over and made quite a mess out of the shack last night. Work at The Super Cool Magazine was surprisingly unstimulating today, which paired perfectly with my wicked hangover. This, plus the fact that the cute but questionably bisexual girl (QBG) did not spend 20 minutes at my desk talking about all our co-workers who rocked it old school. Got off at one and came home to start my blog rather than commit the horrible sin of blogging from work.I guess we all make mistakes. I can't blame her though, I mean who doesn't love to run around with multiple partners, some of whom are subsizing your living costs.

Tonight I was supposed to go back to hold down the old fort but instead I'm going out on the town with the Almighty Quinn (The AQ) to party like a Rock Star. This, on the advice of the girl who lives 2000 miles away (G2K). She told me that I needed to go talk with some "live girls". I told her she sounded like a phone sex ad. Alright gotta go find a new abode.